Ilam : Nepal’s orthodox tea has got its own trademark after 154 years of beginning of tea farming in the country.
Nepal’s received its own logo (trademark), thanks to the long efforts of the Nepal Tea and Coffee Development Board, experts of the field and different organizations. The trademark comprises an image of mountains with ‘Nepali Tea Quality from the Himalaya’ written below it.

Prior to this, Nepal’s orthodox tea was being exported with the logo of Darjeeling, India. However, establishing the brand is still a challenge.

Expert Chandra Bhusan Subba said use of our logo and establishing it is a big challenge. With Nepal’s own trademark, the tea farmers have become happy hoping their good business and sustainability. As per the trademark, there must be certain standards for the use of logo along with the completely organic tea.

“The companies should meet the quality of the tea, employment security of the workers and environment conservation to use the trademark,” Subba said. “The logo and the guidelines are accepted. Now, Nepal’s tea would be marketed in the international market,” he claimed.

With the fresh move, Nepal’s team would get good price in the market and the farmers would be directly benefited and all should stress for the implementation of the logo, expert Subba said.

Likewise, preparations are ongoing to inaugurate an event from the base camp of Mt Everest to establish the logo in the international market. Bigger buyers and world’s journalists are scheduled to attend the logo inauguration event

at the Mt Everest Base Camp.
Meanwhile, a three-day-long tea conference is going to be held in Kathmandu from April 6.