Seed treatments are the biological, physical, and chemical agents and techniques applied to seed to provide protection and improve the establishment of healthy crops. It also refers to the application of fungicide, insecticide, or a combination of both, to seeds so as to disinfect and disinfect them from seed-borne or soil-borne pathogenic organisms and storage […]


Dormancy is a period in an organism’s life cycle when growth, development, and physical activity are temporarily stopped. Dormancy is a period of reduced metabolic activity and therefore helps an organism to conserve energy. Dormancy can be observed in plants as well as in animals. In animals, mechanisms of dormancy occur through hibernation, aestivation, diapause, […]

Indigenous and traditional practices on grain and seed storage

Indigenous practices are the practices that emerge from the cultural contact of the people concerned, evolve in close contact with specific environmental conditions, and are based on traditional societies’ intimate knowledge of their environment. Through trial and error methods, a number of traditional practices have been evolving to avoid a huge loss that is occurring […]

Terminator seeds and it’s threats to sustainable farming

What Is a Terminator Seed? Genetic use restriction technology, also known as terminator technology or suicide seeds, is the name given to proposed methods for restricting the use of genetically modified plants by activating some genes only in response to certain stimuli, especially to cause second-generation seeds to be infertile. It is a major violation […]

नेपालको कृषि विकास क्रमको ऐतिहासिक विवेचना   

हिमालयको काखमा अवस्थित नेपाल  जैविक बिभिदता , बिभिद हावापानी , हिमाल पहाड तराई सहितको उर्वर भुमी ले सु-सज्जीत तथा प्राकृतिक सम्पदाले धनि  साथै लामो मानव सभ्यता बोकेको  मुलुक हो । यही प्राकृतिक अनुपममा लोभिएर धेरै पहिले देखी हाम्रा पुर्खाहरु यस भुमिमा आई यहाको सितलता तापी मन्त्र मुग्ध भई बसोवास गरेका थिय ।मानव अस्थित्वको ईतिहास हेर्दै […]

Brief About Banana, Classification, Variety and Cultivation Practices

Banana is a monocotyledon, perennial, herbaceous succulent plant. Bananas are the world’s most productive fruit. Many research and publications show that the origin of banana is Malaysia but they are not sure about it. In Malaysia, the 1st commercial production of bananas was started. The scientific name of banana is Musa paradisicia. Banana has an […]

Buckwheat (फापर): फापरको महत्त्व, क्षेत्र र उपयोगिता

फापरलाई चिनाऔँ, खाद्य सुरुक्षा  सुनिश्चित गरौं , फापर (Fagopyrum esculentum) पोलिगोनिएसी फ्यामिलिमा पर्ने धान ,गहुँ, मकै ,कोदो ,जौ ,पछाडीको छैटौँ मुख्य खाद्य बाली हो । भौगोलिक विविधताले भरिपुर्ण भएको नेपालका ६२ जिल्लामा फापर लगाइएता पनि अझैसम्म फापरको उपयोगिताका बारेमा नेपाली समाज र यहाँका मानिस पछाडी नै छौँ । समुन्द्री सतह देखि ६०–४५००मि सम्म लगाउन सकिने […]

Zero Budget Natural Farming: Approach towards Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the essential requirements to produce food. Assuming we take a gander at the whole ecosystem, then agriculture seems to be both the cause and victim of water scarcity. The green revolution had a noteworthy impact on the world’s food production, however, it’s likewise become the rationale for land infertility, which thus […]


Yarsagumba (Cordyceps Sinensis), the rare caterpillar fungus, is a special type of ento-patho creature known as” summer grass – winter insect”. Yarsagumba is the world’s most expensive herbal medicine worth as much as $100 per gram. It is formed when a parasitic fungus infects and mummifies the caterpillar of a moth. Before the rainy season […]

Hydroponics Farming System

Ever since the Agricultural Revolution of 10,000 BC, humans have been growing food by planting seeds in the ground. This has sustained the population successfully for the last several millennia, but this isn’t to say the system is free from obstacles that farmers have always battled with. Hydroponics is a relatively recent innovation that challenges […]